To Lift or Not to Lift…..Yes Please do!

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Lift 

  • 1. My body looks leaner and more muscular– of course! Who doesn’t want to have a toned body.
  • 2. I have increased energy and endurance- I rarely get tired during the day; however, I sleep great at night.
  • 3. Lifting weights has helped me become a stronger runner– my core and body is much stronger now and I can maintain my running form.
  • 4. Stress Relief– Why hello endorphins….you make me feel like a rockstar!
  • 5. Confidence–  Let’ face it…we are much happier when we love our bodies.
  • 6. I burn more calories all day– you will continue to burn more calories during the day after your weightlifting session.
  • 7. A healthy heart- As we age it’s important to take care of our heart health
  • 8. Mental Strength- Pushing through a heavy set of weights….helps you push through other obstacles in life as well.
  • 9. It’s a lifelong hobby- I can continue resistance training for the rest of my life.
  • 10. I get to hang out with my girlfriends at the gym– girls that lift together…..stay together.

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