Colors for Your Fall Family Photo Sessions…..

Yes…we have all been there. Family photos sound like such a great idea. You can have your photos taken and then head to Shutterfly and order all of your photo goodies for Grandparents and all the Great Aunties! Yes!! and then..bang..Christmas gifts crossed off your list! Well, our sessions usually end up being my biggest headache of the year. It seems as if no matter how much planning is done in advance, everything is still rushed and I’m left wondering which poses will work best and whether my four year old is going to show her nice smile, or the one that looks like she has no front teeth. Either way…by the time they are done…my nerves are usually shot and I pray that we end up with a few good ones. For all of you out there wondering what you should wear and trying to figure out what colors will work best for your family…I have put together a few color schemes that seem to work pretty well with the 2017 color trends. I hope by providing these…I’m helping to take a bit of stress off your shoulders and perhaps will make your sessions a bit easier.

Here are a few other tips as well-

  • Patterns are fine…but make sure only one-two person(s)are wearing a particular pattern (same) and dress other members in coordinating solids found in the pattern.
  • Go Ahead…..add some coordinating colors…every family member doesn’t need to wear the same color… or you will all blend in together.
  • Don’t over do it….please accessorize…..but keep in mind that too many accessories will take away from your natural beauty…yes you are beautiful!
  • Remember…even if your kid’s smile isn’t perfect…it will be okay…it’s life and maybe in 20 years you will look back and that goofy smile will mean the world to you.

Wishing you all the best…and good luck!!


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