Holiday Tips…

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The Holiday Season is right around the corner and I’m sure like myself, many of you have started mentally putting a million lists together in your head. It seems as if no matter how organized I manage to be each year, I end up stressing myself out over buying the perfect gifts, decorating the house, making the perfect sugar cookies, sending out Christmas cards, attending school and work parties…and the list goes on and on. This year I’m hoping to stay ahead of the game and try…and try…and try some more to not stress the little things. Here are a few guidelines I’ve created to make it through this upcoming holiday season.


1. Gifts- Don’t procrastinate and start now on creating your gift list. Scratch down some ideas for each person … well as any gifts you have already purchased. Every year, my mother and I are both guilty of purchasing items ahead of time and then forgetting them all together or where we hid them. Don’t be like us…be a list maker. Take some time to think about what you wish to give to your loved ones. It will save them from receiving a cheap candle or back massager that you scrounge up on Christmas Eve. Also, give your husband or significant other a list or ideas of what you would like. Men are not mind readers and if you leave it up to them…you will end up waiting in the return line at Walmart…lol. Yes, I know because I spent years going Christmas shopping with my Dad…Sorry Mom! I’ve since been making it up to her. If you are completely clueless on what to get for that certain person, follow along on my “Love For the Rural” Facebook page as I will post daily deals and gift ideas.

2. Decorating tips– Remember…less is more. You don’t have to keep up with the Jones. It’s alright if you don’t have the largest display of Christmas lights on the block. Put some of your favorite items out and if you want to spruce things up…grab a couple new holiday throw pillows and a few decor items from HomeGoods or Target. It will be perfect!

3. Baking– Whatever you do…don’t pressure yourself into making all the fancy Pinterest cookie recipes that you have been pinning all year. Stick to the basics. Use grandma’s recipe that you know is proven to work and let the kids make them. Who cares if they aren’t perfect. Make a list of the ones you wish to make and don’t stress out if you don’t make every single type you had planned. Your kid’s teeth don’t need all the extra sugar and neither do all of our waistlines😉.

4. Budget– Don’t make the holiday season a huge burden on your wallet. We all end up spending more than we planned to, but make a list and don’t go overboard or you will be super ornery in January when you get your credit card statements. If there are certain high ticket items that are on your list, be sure to research the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale ads. Don’t procrastinate and buy at the last second without shopping around. A quick Google search can provide various shopping options for the items on your list. There are also many great shopping apps that will notify you of lower prices on the items you are looking for.

Cheers my friends! Check back for additional Holiday Tips!

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